God is supreme, and good, and cares about the state of the world, and every person.  He loves goodness and hates evil.  Every person matters and has the potential for an amazing and fulfilling life.  

There is a real problem in the world that results in chaotic and destructive behavior.  It is experienced as a numbness to God.  People want to feel God, but don’t sense Him, resulting in dulled sensitivity to good and and attraction to evil.  

Throughout history God has been active in restoring people, climaxing in the death, resurrection, ascension, and commission of Jesus.  God has always chosen to partner with us to build a better future.  We don’t pray and and wait for God to do something.  We pray and then we plan well, work hard, take risks, give generously, love people, stick together, guard integrity, have fun, laugh loud, and celebrate big!  We always bring our best.  

Every person has an accounting before God.  God is a good, fair, and all-knowing judge who judges every person according to his or her deeds, which is why we teach people to trust that God cancelled out their punishment through the saving work of Jesus.  

We have a great opportunity to enjoy a good life, keeping in step with God, and building a better future for our next generation.

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