When you partner with ActivateChurch.tv, you are giving to an innovative team believes the key to revival is a spiritually powerful worship experience with great Bible teaching.  Our core group meets in Portage, Wisconsin and is seeking committed Team Members.  Our active mission is the Destiny Center, a wholistic program that empowers women to overcome the effects of sex trafficking.    

On the next page you can designate your gift as general fund or Destiny Center.  Please set up recurring payments.   Thank you for parntering with us!  

Donations Needed at the Destiny Center: $500 to tile a bedroom floor.  Commercial Dishwasher.  Kitchen Vent and Suppression System. Kitchen Prep Table.  Windows.  Solar Panels.  Sound A/V equpment, microphones, sound board, etc.  New Road Sign.  Landscaping supplies/trees. Curtains/Drapes.  5 ft. rotatiller.  Fencing.  Any Buiding Supplies.  Exit and Entry Doors.  A/C for the Chapel and Events Barns.  Covered Tralier for Transporting Resale Items.  Junnk Trailer.  Donate any Resale Items.  Safe Exercise Equipment.

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