The Destiny Center

-Donations Needed: $500 to tile a bedroom floor.  Commercial Dishwasher.  Kitchen Vent and Suppression System. Kitchen Prep Table.  Windows.  Solar Panels.  Sound A/V equpment, microphones, sound board, etc.  New Road Sign.  Landscaping supplies/trees. Curtains/Drapes.  5 ft. rotatiller.  Fencing.  Any Buiding Supplies.  Exit and Entry Doors.  A/C for the Chapel and Events Barns.  Covered Tralier for Transporting Resale Items.  Junnk Trailer.  Donate any Resale Items.  Safe Exercise Equipment.        

-Service Projects:  Cleaning.  Laying Ceramic Tile.  Plumbing for radiant heating.  Farming.  Landscaping.  Excavation.  Dig 2 Acre Pond.  Rebuild Gravel Roads.  

Worship (Sundays) 

-Are you a talented musician and have a ton of spiritual momentum?  We are looking for a worship team.

-Do you love kids and want to teach them about God?  We are looking for children's ministers. 

-Are peole naturally attracted to your bubbly personality?  We are looking for greeters and hosts. 

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